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Welcome to the Exciting Taste Expert-Dasherb Herb& Spice!


  “Knowing of disease, treating it with diet; No efficacy, Medicine is in usage.” That proverb was the cognition and comprehension on dietary regimen by miracle-working doctor Bian Que, who is well-known in the autumn of the spring in ancient China. Having an extraordinary and longevity life, Chairman Mao Zedong also insisted in “Kitchen First, Pharmacy Second” principle.
One always feels precious of his lost. Modern people are chasing success so hurry that they lost their health, and then they just find the importance on recuperating it. The society is modernized so determined while less and less people have the knowledge on homey diet therapy. It’s too far on the road of drug abusing. When they look back, they will find the benefit on traditional regimen.

Regimen is not only a life style but also one philosophy that contains full set of Knowing-leads-Doing system. Diet therapy is "containing medical in food, eating as medicine", which combines food and medical effect. People enjoy the cate, prevent the disease and the body returns to health. That’s what we call the core of traditional Chinese medical theory in thousand years. Therefore, Chinese traditional diet therapy is not only a science, even an art.

Knowing the precious of Chinese traditional medical culture, the joint Sino-German venture-Dasherb Corp. has the fundamental idea:”Simple, Nature, Wise”. We unite the culture of traditional Chinese traditional medical culture, for the purpose of providing health to people around the world. As the first company approved German PIC/S-GMP in China; the first organic Goji plantation approved American NOP and European EEC 2.092/91 in China; Dasherb strictly controls its quality with international standards; who produces natural food of FDA approved standard. Now we go back to Chinese market, with international lifestyle.

Dasherb Corp. devotes years on researching traditional regimen culture. After browsing numbers of ancient literature, studying living habit of modern people, we launch a new series of regimen condiment. It’s the new glory of long historical regimen diet therapy.

We believe you will find out” Taste, Dasherb” after your try.

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