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PIC/S GMP & Organic Certified Chinese Herbs

The best herbs make the best products. With 16 years of herb plantation development and manufacturing experience, Dasherb offers you safe, efficacious, consistent-quality traditional Chinese herbs.

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Right Source-
GAP / Organic Plantations

With over 16 years of effort and hard work, Dasherb established over one hundred planting bases based on the geo-authentic theory of herbs and six subsidiary companies throughout China for contact and supervision. Through these plantations we have met our goal of supplying international NOP and EU2092/91 certified organic herbs and German PIC-GMP certified herbs.

Preservative Free

Aiming at different herb characteristics, we adopted a special cutting and drying technology, which is more natural and safer than the conventional method of using sulfur. Dasherb has set up our own water control standard, which is higher than that in Chinese pharmacopoeia, to prolong shelf life without the use of any preservatives.

Processing in PIC/S GMP Certified Plant

The medicinal herbs processing workshop was certified by German PIC/S GMP (Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation / Scheme). By setting up more than 1200 SOPs, a complete quality management system has been formed. It largely avoids the loss of active ingredients in the production process and ensures the stability and efficacy with less potential medication risks.


Clean as Vegetable Grades

Dasherb adopt new manufacturing management on vegetable and food, which make our herbs clean as vegetable grade without treated by irradiation or other dangerous chemical substance, which guarantees quality consistency both inside and outside.

Freeze Drying

Dasherb introduced advanced freeze drying facilities to preserve herbs by rapid freezing and drying in a high vacuum environment. This method could save herbs active ingredients and freshness to the highest extent; this also solved the difficult problem of some herbs that required sulfur be used when drying them.

Vacuum & Light-exclude Package

For some seeds-kind, easily oxidized herbs, Dasherb uses vacuum packaging. For herbs need to be kept away from light, Dasherb uses foil packaging. Special packaging bag, paper carton or drum could also be custom-tailored.

Tests on Heavy Metals & Pesticides Residue

Each batch of finished herbs is tested by Chinese laboratory and independent German GLP standard laboratory according to CP2005 and Eu Pharm, heavy metals and pesticides residue comply with European standards.

Right Species

Expert, Microscopical, Chemical, TLC, HPLC methods are applied where applicable to identify the herbs, to guarantee correct species.



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