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Concentrated Herb Granule / Extract Powder 5:1
  Concentrated Herbal Powder/granule, with the sliced Chinese herbs for raw material, was a
series of herbal products made from modern techniques of extraction, concentration,
dryness, and granulation. Its character, channels-returning and effect match with the
original sliced herbs consistently; but with advantages of dosage-small, effect-fast, taking-
convenient and adjusting-easy.

The Traditional Chinese classic patent is the essence of traditional Chinese medicine
doctor’s creation which is practiced and summarized for thousands of years. Dasherb,
according to the record in Chinese Pharmaceutical, on the basis of Chinese Medicine
therapy, adopts advanced techniques and develops hundreds of compound formula in form
of powder, granule, and pill.
  Certified by NOP and EU2092/91 Organic certification, certifying agency: Ecocert
  Certified by China GMP and German PIC/S GMP  
  Optimized extraction method ensures proper balance of active ingredients composition in final products, the original and characteristic odor and taste was saved.  
  Preservatives free, good solubility.  
  Recall of the volatile oil to the final products.  
  TLC finger print ensures the safety and consistency of final product.  
  Quantitive assay on concentrated product is gradually unfolded, to make the quality standardized.  
  Heavy metals and pesticides residue tested according to Eu Pharm (5th Edition) by German independent lab.
  Freeze-drying technique is applied to herbs with rich of volatilized oils, to prevent nutrition and active ingredients loosing in final product.  
  Most of dasherb’s concentrated granules are made by ratio 5 to 1, which is convenient to make prescription, other extraction ratios are also available.  
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  Packing Specification  
Dasherb Label
HDPE gray round bottle: 50g/bottle & 250g/bottle
Bottle lip sealed by aluminum foil
Bottle sealed by shrink film
Packed in paper carton

Private Label

Dasherb also provide Private label service for concentrated herbal extract powder or granule, you just let us know your ideas on packaging, including bottle and label etc., and we will present a complete ideal product here for you!



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