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What People're Saying



About Service

Thanks for open words – in this way I expect good partners and friends to talk and to co-operate each other: open hearted, friendly and with full respect and understanding for each other. Just because we “feel dasherb and us are very close to each other” you can be sure, that we will always find a solution in good partnership.
                                    ---Mr. von Sobbe

I like it very much to doing business with YOU!
                          ---Mr. Razvan Alexandru

You are very efficient - I like that from Chinese people.
                                          ---Mr. Pender

It makes my heart tender to know that when you are working, so late, so tired and maybe feeling a bit lonely ... you think of us. We ARE your friends. Never forget it.
                             ---Mrs. Sonia Benassi

Really thank you for thinking of me, your words always make me moved and gratified. Your friendship is the most precious reward I get from work.
                                     ---Mr. Ab.Rahim

They have been very impressed with your detailed documentation and also the quick response. I firmly believe that the door is now open for additional products from dasherb and that this will develop into a very nice account.
                                ---Mr. Stan Williams


About Quality

I and Imran are glad to say that the quality is just superb even better than German products. So congratulations all the way. Please covey same to Ms. Lily as well and the production dept.
---Dr. Shafi Abbasi

All is well here, just waiting for the rest of the shipment so we can put our herbal combinations together! Your herbs are always great!
                                    ---Mr. Joel Rizzo

The problem we have had in the past is finding a reliable supply of this juice, however the enthusiasm you have shown in your email has made me feel at ease with your supply.
                                 ---Mr. Brett Hallam

Just received the tablets. MY first impression is without any doubt GOOD. Thank you. I will forward them to my customer and hear what they think about it.
                                    ---Mr. Schepens

We have received the samples and I must confess we were very impressed with the very professional presentation and detailed information for each sample product.  For the next week, we will be carefully revising the samples.  I am extremely confident that we will achieve very positive results.  It looks like in this case the samples were very much worth the wait!
                                   ---Mr. Manuel Paz


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