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Further to first control on plantations of raw materials, dasherb focuses its second control on manufacturing and processing. In 2003 dasherb has well established its facilities under both Chinese GMP and German PIC/S GMP certification, which consolidated its leading position as a premium quality manufacturer in nutraceutical industry.

With years of updating and innovation, dasherb prides itself in creating value-added natural products to customers worldwide. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and optimized methodologies enable us to meet increasingly stringent standards from international markets.



An extensive line of manufacturing facilities offers various manufacturing capacities, including various herb processing, extracting, encapsulating, tablets-pressing, and tea bag-making. In addition, a full set of pilot equipments works not only for manufacturing procedure validation, but offers convenience for various order sizes, so to ensure on-target solutions for customers.

 Highest standard of herb washing line with bubbles wash, spray and showering wash.

 Extraction facility is equipped with 6 extraction vessels, 3,000 liters per vessel, offers an extraction capacity of 500 tons of raw materials per year.

 Freeze drying helps to reserve product’s active ingredients in maximum amount.

 Purified clean water is used in all finished product’s processing. Finished Product plant and packaging plant is 3x105 degree decontaminated, oral liquid and ointment plant is 105 degree decontaminated, all is to ensure products manufactured in clean condition under GMP guidelines.


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