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  If you haven't been able to find the information you're looking for throughout the rest of the site, we think you'll be able to find it here! Peruse the FAQ categories or do a search. If you still can't find the answer, please feel free to contact us.  
  Concept & Certificate
  1. What is GAP?  
  GAP, an abbreviation for Good Agricultural Practice of Medicinal Plants and Animals, as an important affiliated project for GMP implementation in China, is a green project to ensure quality of herbal products. GAP guidelines is formulated combing herbal pharmacology and agronomy, aims to  
  • Provide pure, clean and consistent quality raw materials for herbal products manufacturing
  • Promote Chinese medicines and herbal products industry more standardized and scientifically extended
  • Assure finished herbal products and Chinese medicine safety, consistency and efficacy
  • Regulate and control exploitation of raw materials in order to achieve “Maximum Sustainable Yield”, protecting Chinese herb resources towards a sustainable utilization.
  Click here for detailed Chinese GAP Guidelines  



2. What is GMP and PIC/S GMP?


GMP is short for Good Manufacturing Practice. It is to guarantee the production under regulated standard and the least unqualified product during production. GMP has a wide-ranging requirement from facility, inside floor, equipment, personnel, training, sanitation, air, water, production and documents.
PIC is Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention. It is set up to unify EU countries’ GMP standard.  Now it includes altogether 27 counties including Australia, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia, etc.


3. I wan to know more information about your organic certificate.


Since almost 10 years ago, dasherb has been dedicated to organic project. In 2005, Dasherb has its Goji organic plantation approved by NOP and EU firstly in China. After several years’ development, now dasherb owns more than 100 organic products. And this year, we plan to have two plantations proved organic. For more information, please visit our organic website


4. Recently, China’s food safety problem is severe, how do you guarantee your product safe?


First, we must say China’s food is not as bad as reported. According to data, China’s exported food and supplement keep an eligible rate above 98%. In dasherb, from raw material to manufacture and to final products are all under strict control. More information, please click Quality Control.




5. Should we order from Germany or China?


If you want to purchase herbs and you are in Germany, you can contact the Germany office and issue the order. Other country’s customers can order from China directly.


6. What about small orders?


Our mini order for herb is 50kg, for extract is 25kg. Other product lines, you can discuss with sales representative or local agency. 


7. I want to know your L/T and payment method.


At the moment, we only accept T/T and west union. We don’t accept credit card. For the stock product, L/T is 2 weeks after payment; for products without stock, we suggest you contact with sales representative to make sure the L/T.


8. How to transport the order?


According to experience, to help you to choose the economical shipping cost, we suggests below:
Under 45kg: by express
45~300kg: by air
Above 300kg: by sea


9. As a clinic, drug store or practitioner, how to buy your products?


You can purchase dasherb products through local agency if there is; if not, just contact HerbaSinica directly.


Contract Manufacturing


10. If I want a compound formula, in which there is some foreign-origin ingredient, can you supply this?


We will import ingredients for customers on a base of reasonable order quantity.


11. What excipient do you use in manufacture?


Though we don’t manufacture excipient, we set up long term and good relationship with many relative factories. So we can provide all usual excipients for medicine and health products


12. What is the quantity requirement?


For capsules, the mini order is 300,000 caps for one order. For tablet, the mini order 1,000,000. We would like to help you do the pilot test, but since the less quantity and more waste, small order may a little more expensive.


13. What package can you provide, can you help me to do the label design and print?


We have various packages, blister pack, plastic bottle pack, sachet pack, box pack, glass bottle pack (oral liquid), etc. We provide full service for contract manufacturing product, including give suggestions on design and print.


14. How soon can I get my order?


Usually it is about three or four weeks, also it depends on the product and quantity your order,




15. Have you ever registered in FDA?


Yes. It is a must to register in FDA if import to US


16. Can you supply sample?


Yes, we supply herb sample within 100g and extract sample within 20g for free. And customer can just pay for the shipping cost.


17. Would you supply pilot test service?


We would like to provide technical support for customers; but we will charge some payment if it is very complicated.


18. How if customers complain?


We assure our products quality and if it happened and proved quality problem, we accept change, return or compensate within 30 days of arrival of the goods.

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