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GAP & Organic Bases


Dasherb values quality as the root of life. Since the date of foundation dasherb has dedicated itself to quality assurance establishment, from raw materials to finished products, we take uncompromising approaches to manufacture each product, so to complete our guarantee of safety, efficacy and highest purity.

Herb base is the starting point of quality control. Since start of operating in 1992, dasherb has been actively engaged in controlling raw material’s quality under national and international regulatory compliance.

Solution for Wild-Crafted Herbs

For wild-crafted plants, dasherb selects best
sources according to the characteristic property
of each herb, collects and harvests at the best
season so to remain the prime of bio-activity.
With high respect of nature protection, our proper
harvest quantity in each source protects a
sustainable prosperity of crop.

Organic Program

Dasherb started to develop Organic Plantation since 2005. So far we’ve had more than 70 kinds of herbs from 3 GAP standard plantations certified of EEC and NOP organic. Meanwhile other herb bases also operate under Organic guidelines, and quality of the yields meet up Organic standard.

Dasherb's Organic History

  2006: Organic Goji Berry Plantation certified of EEC and NOP, dasherb became one of the  earliest and largest Organic Goji berry suppliers  in China.
  2007: 71 herbs were EEC and NOP organic certified

  Apr. 2009: 60 herbs is on organic certified now.

  June 2009: Organic Goji berry certificated will be started

  2009-2012: 100 more herbs will be certified of  EEC and NOP Organic.

Organic Certification

NOP Organic: USDA National Organic Program
EEC Organic: Regulation (EEC) 2092/91


Solution for Cultivated Herbs

For cultivated herbs, dasherb has been devoted to establishing GAP bases around China by Contracted Cultivation. With 16 year’s extensive practice and experience, dasherb has established 6 sourcing offices and 86 herb bases nationwide, and manage the bases under GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) guidelines.

Panax Ginseng Plantation - in Autumn

Consult GAP Experts (The drawer of Chinese GAP guidelines, three in the mid) for GAP Plantations.



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