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  About dasherb

Dasherb was founded in 1992 and became a joint Sino-German venture in 2002, devoting itself to uniting the culture of traditional Chinese herbal medicine with advanced medicinal technology, for the purpose of providing safe and effective natural raw materials to people around the world.

After 16 years of fast developing, we are proud to be an industry leader. In these days of ever increasing market competition, we still adhere to our strict standards of ‘producing safer and more effective products of the highest quality. Our serious working attitude is widely respected and favored by our customers.

Today, Dasherb products are widely used in the fields of medicine, cosmetics, food, health care products, drinks and many more.

  We follow no one
    The first company approved German PIC/S-GMP in China;
The first organic Goji plantation approved American NOP and European EEC 2.092/91 in China;
The first production line of IQF (individual quick frozen) goji berry in China;
The first company produces freeze dried herbs in China;
The first company uses the standard of EU pharmacopoeia controlling quality of herbs in China;
The first Sino-German company undertakes dual examinations for herbs in China.
  Our Membership

Dasherb is a member of several leading industry organizations dedicated to enhancing the quality and service of Dasherb products.

Mr. Shi Wen Yuan, the general manager of dasherb is the vice-chairman of CHAMBER OF COMMERCE FOR EXPORT OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE

Dr. Zhong, dasherb Germany, is officially admitted to the German Pharmacopoeia Commission, as an expert in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Department of EU Pharmacopoeia.


Member of Ginseng Chamber of China CCCMHPIE




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